About us

We create easy step-by-step online courses to help Dance Instructors and Dance Studio Owners build a successful dance school.

CubanSalsaSchool was born in Edinburgh in 2013 as a physical school. After celebrating our 5th birthday last year, we decided to change gear, taking the brand to a different direction, reaching out to a bigger audience by being completely ONLINE. Since August 2018 we have been busy changing the format of the school. Our blog has grown fast, covering multiple series from #4Dancers and #4Teachers to #BusinessInsight. We’ve also met and interviewed some amazing artists, and we’ve even launched our Podcast! You can find all this on our main website: www.cubansalsaschool.com. This year, we are focusing on building materials for our Online School and we are starting with the courses below. Clicking on the links will take you to the Teachable site where we currently host the courses (open in new window)

Marketing Course for Dance Instructors
How to Improve Student Retention

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